Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bullies and BFFs: The story of an elephant and a dog

Today, I was able to watch a video that melted my heart. A video that made me wish that humans could be as mature and kind as animals.

Today at school, we had an assembly about CST results and getting our scores higher so we could attempt to beat some other schools in our district. At the end of the presentation they randomly brought up how we always need to treat each other with respect and kindness. They showed us this video:
(please watch before you read on)

Now, how about them apples? I mean, and elephant and a dog??? It seems ridiculous, but astounding. These two animals could not be more different and yet they have become best buds. I have been to many assemblies about bullying and yet nothing has touched me more than this video. In just 3 minutes and 20 seconds I was able to consider that fact that if animals can overcome their differences, so can we. I'm not saying that we are all bullies, but we have all, in some way or another, excluded someone at some point in our lives. Whether we realized it or not. These animals are some of the most accepting of us all.

If animals can do it, what's stopping us?